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Tips to write Guest Post in Blog :How To Write A Great Blog Post

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Guest posting is one of the best way to add quality backlinks to your blog and for that to write a perfect guest post is essential. This method is used by almost all the popular bloggers regardless of any niche.

But the newbie bloggers are confused about how a perfect guest post should be? Even few bloggers get disappointed when

their guest post gets rejected. So, I am here to help you write a perfect guest post. If you follow my guide and get the
tips I am going to give in this post, there are more chances to get your guest post get accepted.


Tips To Write A Perfect Guest Post


#1 Usefulness of Article

The first and the most important point for writing a guest post is to check whether the article you want to write will be of any use or not? If your article is not useful for anyone, then for whom are you writing? Then you are writing crap and nobody is going to publish your article. So make sure before writing that your article is useful to the people.

#2 – No Self Promotion

The major problem of the rejection of guest post by a newbie blogger is self promotion. They goes on doing self promotion of their blog or themeself and thus loose a good chance of getting publish. So, avoid doing self promotion of yourself or your blog and focus on writing a quality content. You will get chance to promote yourself and your blog in the author bio section.

#3 – Follow Guidelines

Every blog has their own guidelines to accept a guest post and you must follow them in order to get your post published. Many times when you are on a mission of publishing guest posts, you write few guest posts and send them one by one to your favorite blogs and ignore reading the guidelines what they are asking. So, follow the guidelines, they are meant to be followed.

#4 – No Grammatical Mistakes

This mostly happen with the newbie bloggers and especially when they are not from the English Medium School (talking about India) or when the blogger is in a hurry to write the articles. This is considered as a major mistake. As it is said that ‘First Impression Is The Last Impression’ and your submission of the guest post will be the first impression of yours. And who the hell is this world wants wrong impression of him/her?

#5 Linking To Resources

Don’t hesitate while linking to the external resource if and only if that is useful for the readers. Don’t forget to add rel=’nofollow’ in the link. If the publisher don’t want to add the link, he/she will remove it but at least they will come to know that you carried out research for writing your post and is not a crappy one. But, never link to your own site if it is not allowed (this might be mentioned in the guidelines)

I am sure that if you follow these tips to write a perfect guest post, there are high chances of getting your article published.
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First of all, you need to understand the difference between writing, writing a blog post and to write a great blog post. Both are different. There are tons of writers online and you need to stand out from them and want people to notice you, your article – your blog post.

Write A Great Blog Post

The first thing to write a great blog post is to decide the title. The title is the first impression of your article over the users or the readers of your blog. And as it is said, First Impression is the last impression.

Title is the whole idea of your article in just one sentence and it needs to attract the people.

Research your market and get some results regarding what your readers like, in which topic are they interested, which type of article gets more visits, etc.

Here is a list of few of the article types which are popular now a days. People always loves the article that begins with:

  • Who
  • Why
  • How
  • Where
  • What

The main text or body of your article should fulfill everything you told thorough the title of the article. There should not be any compromise on that. While writing your article, write like you are an expert in that particular field and have knowledge about what you are writing. Don’t bluff and just share your knowledge.

Below is the example on how to write a great blog post and its main body part.

  • Problem
  • Solution to the problem
  • Example of the same
  • Your conclusion

You should also try to include the media to your article which will make it even more interesting and will also ensure more visitors to your article.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Slideshows

People are looking for information, knowledge over the internet and if you able to provide help to one such reader, you succeed in what you did. But, keep in mind the requirements of the people out there. They are looking for the article which is:

  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Authorative

You need to do a lot of research before writing the article and prove all the points you make in that. This is enable your users to trust you and the trust factor plays a very important role in your blogging career. I will explain that to you later in another post.

There is another way to write a great blog post and that is Creativity & Uniqueness. Be Creative, Be Unique, Solve Problems and you are  going to succeed. Try out different things and let us know what worked for you.


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