Magento CMS ecommerce web development: what are the benefits

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Magento, which has now become the buzzword among ecommerce website developers in spite of the availability of the many other ecommerce shopping cart platforms, is fast gaining in popularity.

The first and most critical step when outsourcing your Magento development project is finding the right employee. When you hire the services of an outsourcing company such as, the company will take it on itself to sift through the resumes of prospective hires and then narrow down on the few that fit the bill. It is then you who interviews the shortlisted candidates and decides on who to hire. At this stage, an outsourcing company will give you access to its communications infrastructure for the interview, and also to its IT infrastructure if you want the candidates to take a test. In case you don’t like any of the candidates, a good outsourcing company won’t bill you for even a dime.

Hiring a dedicated virtual employee Magento programmer instead of a freelancer is a better option. Freelancers, who work from home, can never deliver results of the quality a dedicated virtual employee can because of the lack of proper IT and communications setup and support, which is virtually impossible to set up at home simply because of the cost factor. Also, freelancers work with multiple clients at the same time which forces them to cut corners. All these reasons make sure that hiring a dedicated virtual employee makes sense in terms of both quality and quantity.

Unlike freelancers who work from home, your Magento developer will work from the vendor’s office which has all necessary IT/ communications infrastructure, along with other support, such as IT support and 24-hr power backup, needed to make sure that man-hours, which you pay for, are not wasted.

Working with a dedicated virtual employee means that it is the outsourcing company that will take care of all the employee-related non-work issues such as salaries, bonuses, etc. Apart from this, when it comes to work, your virtual employee is under your complete control. You get to decide even your employees’ work hours to make sure they work the same hours you do, and this helps you manage your employee better.

When you hire a dedicated virtual employee, it’s you who:

    1. Decides what role your Magento web designer is going to play, and his designation;


    1. Takes care of  your employee’s queries and doubts;


    1. Appraises your Magento programmer’s work and gives feedback;


    1. Assigns responsibilities, targets, and deadlines for you employee; and


  1. Guides your employee through the project.

Communication with your remote employee will rarely be an issue since established outsourcing companies, such as the one mentioned above, will make sure that essential communication technology is always at the disposal of the employee, such as Skype, telephone, video conferencing, instant messenger and the like.

In addition, your virtual employee Magento programmer would be made to sign a service contract just to make sure they don’t jump ship midway through your project. This is in addition to a non-disclosure agreement to keep your data safe.


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