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Article Directory lists and Article submission websites and Article Submission importance

Article submission is an art of getting web traffic by submitting Search engine optimized articles to high page rank websites particularly article submission websites by using search engine algorithms. Article submission is the most excellent practice among other SEO techniques to get together words together and enclose efficient sentences that include page title, body text and building back links such as text anchor links. Article submission is a precious work and time consuming SEO practice which will assist to increase up your website’s page rank, traffic and increase back links. If you have a website or a blog and you are not responsive of article submission, then it is very significant for you to study this approach of rising back links and improving your website’s or blog’s ranking as well as page rank.

There are many quicker techniques of building back links similar to blog commenting, forum submission, Social Bookmarking and submitting tags, pinterest pins, image bookmarks etc but it is the oldest and reliable method as per my information of search engine optimization. Article submission offers you to submit your article or share your content in article submission website as well as press releases websites and in return you will get back link in the author resource box.

Article Submission websites Directories format and guidelines for publishing a good and high quality article:

1. You have to search for article submission website list as well as article directories and start signing up or registering for them and then work according to the rules of the website.

2. Select the exact particular category in which you have to submit or publish your article related to your content or niche.

3. Search for low competition and targeted keywords to whom people search regularly, and for this you can take help of Google Keyword Tool and other keywords tools such as keyword discover, seobook etc.

4. Examine the keywords and select the one with low competition and most commonly search keyword term that you can use in your article’s title.

5. Start writing your article’s body content text, keep it informative and concise, the description in the body should have your targeted keywords.

6. The keyword density should be kept with the SEO standards such as 5% to 7% maximum in the description and the article description should be unique and own written, never put a copy content.

7. Try to utilize heading tags like h1, h2, h3 and so on as they are HTML standards. Keep away from duplicate words as much you can and center of attention on your keyword in the whole article.

8. Give anchor text link of your website in author resource box including <a> HTML tags and meta keywords, it will make a back link for your website.

9. Before article submission, verify that the article you are submitting will obey by the article submission website guidelines as well as there is no spamming.

10. Now your article will be accepted by the latest articles directories on the state that it follows all the guidelines, or else it will not be easy to get to by search engines or anyone else for example when it crawled by search engines you will get back link.

Following is the best available article directories and article submission websites list from 2013 and we regularly update this list by time. Use them to submit your article and enjoy the good results of search engine ranking

Free Article Directory Lists 2013

Directory name Date added Category Clicks

P 11-Jul-2012 General 100

P 11-Jul-2012 General 100

1 11-Jun-2012 Advertising 711

2 11-Jun-2012 Advertising 633

3 11-Jun-2012 Advertising 668


Publish Your Website Online 15-Jun-2012 Advertising 702

5 11-Jul-2012 General 1431

6 11-Jul-2012 General 659

7 11-Jul-2012 General 496

8 11-Jul-2012 General 624

9 11-Jul-2012 General 461

10 11-Jul-2012 General 533

11 11-Jul-2012 General 453

12 11-Jul-2012 General 1369

13 11-Jul-2012 General 423

14 11-Jul-2012 General 526

15 11-Jul-2012 General 516

16 11-Jul-2012 General 439

17 11-Jul-2012 General 453

18 11-Jul-2012 General 407


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