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If you have a Website designing project on your drawing board and are wondering where to start and whether to outsource, you should know that some of the best, the most proficient, and most cost-effective Website designers are located in India outsourcing, therefore, definitely makes sense.

At, Virtual Employee Private Limited, we’re in the business of providing virtual employees in all disciplines, including Web designing, to our clients. A “virtual employee”, according to our definition, is, “an employee that works directly for you, albeit remotely from our office in India. ”

So, when we help you hire a Web Designer who’s a virtual employee, we’re talking about a full-time dedicated resource who reports directly to you as far as work goes, with us taking care of all logistics issues, such as salaries, bonuses, etc. We don’t work with freelancing because we’ve seen, through the years we’ve worked in the outsourcing industry, that freelancers working from home – with his meager resources and no proper infrastructure, such as, proper hardware/software, power backup, communications set up – cannot measure up to a virtual employee’s level of quality and always prove to be expensive in the long run, though they might seem to be cheaper at first glance. Also, freelancers work for multiple clients simultaneously which affects the quality of the work that they do.

The Web designer who works with you from our office is, for all practical purposes, no different than your locally hired employees because you get to decide his work-hours which makes sure that he works the same hours you do, no matter which part of the globe you’re located in.

When you hire Virtual Employee, we go through the scores of resumes that we have in our database. If needed, we also post recruitment ads for new Web designers on various job sites, and after shortlisting the best from what we have, we send you resumes of the candidates we think are a fit in your Web designing project. This is when you interview the candidates, also ask them to take a test maybe, before finalizing on anyone. Going forward with our tradition of “complete customer satisfaction”, we don’t bill you for even a penny if you, in the  rare case, don’t hire anyone through us. Another-advantage is that we never ask you to sign a long-term contract which enables you to scale up and scale down you project anytime you want to.

Once you narrow down on a virtual employee through us,it is you who:

  • Assign tasks to your offshore outsource company, and decide what they work on.
  • Supervises your Indian Website designer and reviews their work.
  • Relays constructive feedback to your offshore Web designer in India.
  • If relevant, instructs on how you want your Website designer to complete their work.
  • Decides what roles and responsibilities you want to delegate to your dedicated Web designer.
  • Answers any questions your Indian Web designer has.
  • Sets project deadlines you want your Website designer in India to meet.

Another advantage you have when you hire our services is that you can concentrate on just the job at hand. We take care of all other logistics, like  taking care of all the paperwork involved (salaries, bonuses, etc.), making sure your virtual employee gets a congenial place of work with all necessary hardware and software needed (in fact, we supply every employee with a new PC), and also see to it that your preferred means of communication (Skype, video conferencing, telephones, etc.) is in place right from day one.

Cost-effective virtual employees along with a high degree of technical proficiency is what makes every virtual employee you hire through us a winner. Our clientele list has companies from all over the globe proving that giving you the best virtual employee available has become a habit with us.

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