Facebook Marketing: What You Need To Know

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The enormous popularity of Facebook as a social tool is unmistakable. But have you ever stopped to think about how Facebook could be used to promote your business? The potential is amazing! Facebook fans are very loyal and if you can manage to draw that kind of loyalty form your Facebook fans you’ll have taken a giant step toward a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Facebook has the highest rate of fans who will return to a Facebook page again and again. Make sure you’re in on that phenomenon!

Have you tried Facebook marketing before? If not, all you essentially need to figure out is how to promote your Facebook page. The more effectively you can do that, the more potential customers you’ll be able to reach. But how do you snag those fans?

One great strategy is to offer your fans some sort of discount or coupon or prize for joining your Facebook page. This strategy plays on human nature – people love to get something for free! And the best part of the scenario is that you are the one who actually benefits, because once they become a fan of your business on Facebook you know they are interested in your business and you can start pitching your business message to an interested audience.

There’s a reason your Facebook fans can leave you messages, start and respond to discussion topics, and post on your wall. Facebook is all about communication and interaction. Pay attention to your fans’ feedback and adjust your marketing strategy to match what your fans say they want. Don’t ignore their wants and needs or you’ll quickly see them drop off your of your fans list.

It’s a great idea to get your fans talking, too. Ask questions, send out polls or surveys, comment on discussions – all of this will get people talking and let them know you’re listening, too. You’ll create more marketing opportunities, inspire more feedback and open the lines of customer service communication.

To keep your Facebook marketing campaign moving forward and fresh, always remember to use all of the tools Facebook offers you. Send messages, post interesting links, upload videos…whatever it takes to keep your business fresh in the minds of your supporters.

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