Open source Customization

Open source Customization

EBusiness have outrivaled while using Open Source softwares since decades now. The open source applications are a improved way to accumulate time efficiently and to start a business very effortlessly and cost in effectively. On the other hand open source softwares don’t assurance quality somehow, but security, for this reason our open source customization team, with full of experienced graphic designers and PHP/ ASP web developers assist our clients in designing templates, with features like SEO friendly, creating skins and incorporating design, installing them with full support, installing their modes, and also make practice modification as per client needs.

Open source applications are the efficient way to execute solutions within little period of time, though open source solutions might not be well suitable for all kind of business needs but it depends upon the business requirements and can be converted timely as per required. The team at SSOPT helps in open source customization of various products to outfit your needs by creating/designing templates, with addition custom modules or altering the middle functionality in the product. We help you by classify, modifying and executing the right open source product/tool as per as required, in view of the number of options that are accessible in the world of open source depending upon various types and functionalities.

Some of the open source products those we are able of handling, implement successfully are:

    1. OSCommerce
    2. PHPmyAdmin
    3. Joomla
    4. WordPress
    5. PHPNuke
    6. PostNuke
    7. Mambo
    8. PHPMyAdmin
    9. PHPbb
    10. Smarty

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