CMS Development

Content Managment System Development and its features

A content management system (CMS) is the mainly cost-effective and feasible solution to manage all the content on your website in an extremely structured way. The system provided by us, which you can manage, edit and experiment with lot of features provided by our CMS. That does specify the necessity to use any software for the management of your website content, which might have formed needless expenses for you. It is one of the most well-liked content application solutions for website owners who desire to control their website on their own.

MegaaSEO offers a complete variety of enterprise and custom application solutions that are website designed to lessen operations costs to implausible levels with improved ROI on our CMS solutions. Our CMS (Content management system) solutions can be very simply incorporated into your website present you full customization options with the ability to adapt static page content to dynamic page content with different features. We also propose you the choice of adding graphics, images, bars and feeds to your website content very conveniently to enable the creation of a richer website.

Our CMS application integration web solution offers you several advantages, some of which are:

Web content management, portal & blog content management, source content management, Code content management such as Meta tags and miscellaneous tags, document content management, etc

  • Facility to add and edit content and mange content
  • Facility to add and manage banners and ads
  • Facility to add and manage images, graphics
  • Facility to add Meta tags, SEO friendly code content
  • Web tracking management
  • Admin panel management and control
  • Standard templates (CSS Driven) W3C accommodating design view
  • Browser and web based content making and modification.
  • Multiple languages support a per required and translator embedding
  • Content Caching and indexing to optimize server resources.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s for better SEO.
  • More features will be provided as per development requirements.

Complete Dynamic Solution, code as minimum as we can,dynamic and easy functionality.

* User friendly view.

* Admin side manipulation, updating and transfer data efficiently.

* Sitemap, consistant design, efficient display of contents and bars according to user and client requirements.

* Search engine friendly according to SEO requirements.

* Modification after deploying according to client demand.

* Timely(we always prefer this and mean this).

* We are offering less rates comprises to others.

* Online testing on our sub domains explaining and giving you updates of your project.

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