Is really Articles submission is not a good quality approach of SEO?

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Some people think that using article submission for SEO is not a good way of link building tactic
and it doesn’t work for SEO. There are a few reasons for publishing your best articles on your
own site instead of articles sites.

When you submit your article in the article site for the promotion on the social media site and
market it for them, all the traffic and links are going to the article site not your own site. If it will
attract the links from other website like blogs then again they will be going to the article site not
on your site. Also the search engine traffic will go to the article site and you didn’t get the user
clicks. Most of the articles sites are not trusted by the search engines, so may be they block your
site are you have to wait a little to get back the links to your site. Also if the readers are coming
into your site directly they will not be able to read the articles because they have to redirect to the
article page.

The better way is to publish your helpful article into your own site and then promote them into
the social media and press release sites. This is a good SEO way and this will help building the
great traffic into your site also rewards are lavish and plentiful. The article site mostly generates
little traffic and also it is waste of time and effort.

There are lots of links in the internet that will give you guidance of how to submit your articles
properly and they give you the following guideline for proper article submission:

Don’t submit really good things into the article directory so that there will be chance of getting
traffic into the article directory. Instead of this post the very good stuff into your own site and
post the normal stuff into the article directory.

Don’t post your article in more than one place, this is a key role of SEO and it will help you in
different levels of SEO. Search engine will rank only one copy and will pass the weight to your

Try to put dofollow links, keyword text links and your author signature when submitting your
article into the article directory. Below is the example:

“Sara Edward knows a lot about search engine optimization, more of his articles can be found at
his SEO blog.”


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